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Teknologi; bra og dårlig

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Fear Of Technology

By Charles Staley, B.Sc, MSS
Director, Staley Training Systems

One of the societal trends that I enjoy observing is our instinctual distrust of technology. This trend encompasses nearly every segment of society, but today, I'd like to discuss technophobia from a fitness/nutrition standpoint:

  • "Processed" food: We all tell anyone who'll listen to avoid processed food, right? But factually, food processing is what allows most of us to reach an old age that was impossible only 100 years ago. Cleaning and disinfecting processes, pasteurization, refrigeration, and insecticides are all examples of advances in food processing that have greatly reduced food quality, quantity, and food-borne illness and disease.
  • Weight-training machines: I don't use them myself, and I'll try to talk you into free weights, but there are uses for machines, particularly for physical therapy purposes.
  • Plastic bottles: I constantly read and hear about the dangers of drinking from plastic bottles, and my point here is not to debate the merits of this argument, but rather, to examine the merits of not using plastic bottles- could you imagine using glass (or some other material) for all of your food and drink packaging?!?! Even technologies that have downsides usually have upsides, which should be considered before abandoning said technologies.
  • Stability balls: I frequently suggest that they're over-rated and over-used, but they do have some legitimate uses.

  • The internet: I once remember Louie Simmons saying something along the lines of "If you wanna get strong, get off the damn internet and get in the gym!" I get that, but still, this is how we all communicate, learn, and share ideas.

  • Vaccinations: Do they cause autism? I have no idea, but they've unquestionably saved millions of lives.

  • Air conditioning: In Europe, people (especially older generations) tend to distrust AC, as well as ice- they're both seen as unhealthy. On the other hand, 120 degree temperatures (which we see every summer here in Arizona) are also unhealthy.

  • Shoes: Ever see Nike Free's and Vibram Five Fingers? The manufacturers of both are trying to convince you that shoes are e-v-i-l. Me? I like shoes!
  • Cooking: The raw-food advocates love to align cooking with all things evil. The fact is however, that cooking is a marker of advanced civilization. It also prevents a number of food-borne diseases. It also increases the nutritive value of many foods- for example, lyopene is only of value when the tomato is cooked.

  • "Unnatural:" We tend to trust "natural" and distrust the opposite. But many natural things are unhealthy, even deadly: tobacco, botchalism, cobras, arsenic, and sloth, just to name a few. Would you prefer training on a stability ball (unnatural) or lying on the couch (natural)?

  • Artificial sweeteners: Some are safer than others, and again, I'm not attempting to debate the dangers, but rather, remind you of the benefits: they stop you from eating sugar. And that's significant.

  • Microwave ovens: Most people today consider them safe, but does anyone remember when they first came out?

The way to keep technology in perspective is to think of it as a tool that has (in most cases) both positive and negative attributes. If the positives outweigh the negatives, the technology in question is useful.

Publisert: 16.02.2010 KL. 12:02
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